Social Media Package




Where do you begin?

Let me help you determine which social media platforms you should be using for your particular niche.  Everyone is different, but there are Universal platforms that everyone should be using. Facebook is an excellent example of that. 

  • smpFacebook: Pages, Groups, Profiles.  What’s the difference and how are they used?
  • Twitter: Who the heck is using twitter?  Should I even bother?
  • LinkedIn: Profiles, Pages for you business, again – which should you spend your time on?
  • Pinterest: Not just a bulletin board, a terrific platform for sharing your own content and offerings.
  • Instagram: Visual representations, but is your target using it?
  • Reverbnation: Are you a musician?  A poet?  A motivational speaker? Do you use audio?
  • Sound Cloud: Similar to Reverbnation.
  • Google+: Profiles, pages, hang outs, really good for search engine “juice” to be using it.
  • YouTube: Youtube is the second most popular search engine, did you know that? Everyone can make videos that are relevant to their offerings.  And they should!
  • Vimeo: Prettier than YouTube, but no where near as popular.
  • Mailchimp:  You need a list.  But where do you start?  There are plenty of third party lists, but I love Mailchimp because the free option is very robust and when you’re just starting out, you really don’t need another bill, do you?
  • Ripl: Create beautiful, animated, graphic, videos, customized for your particular niche
  • Periscope: Live videos, talk about what you’re offering and how you can help your ideal client solve a problem or answer a question

And there are so many other options, it’s endless!  But not every platform will be right for your situation.  Let me help you determine what will work.

Package Includes:

  1. a detailed form for you to fill out to help you determine, exactly who you are trying to reach (available to you as soon as payment is received)
  2.  60 minute call to hone your demographic and determine which social media platforms are right for you, we will use the form for this call as well as a conversation to help uncover any other things that you might be missing
  3. training, via videos and a pdf to help you make the most of what we determine to be your best bets for social media platforms
  4. a second call approximately one month later to see where you’re going and how you’re doing with your plan.